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Total Armageddon & Beatrice Display

Slanted Publishers is an international publishing and media house that covers typography, contemporary art, and design. In 2019, we backed TOTAL ARMAGEDDON — A Slanted Reader on Design on Kickstarter, a stellar example of Beatrice Display & Beatrice in use. Beatrice Display’s unique internal high-contrast model emphasizes the book's sleek design, which uses red, black, white colors with metallic finishes. 

The book celebrates 15 years of independent publishing, featuring brand new essays as well as selections from the first 32 issues of Slanted including renowned contributors Steven Heller, Piotr Rypson, Gerry Leonidas, Yoon Soo Lee, Kiyonori Muroga, and more who are writing about design and culture.

Client: Slanted Publishers
Typeface: Beatrice Display & Beatrice 

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