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Real Feelings & Beatrice Display

For an international group exhibition at the House of Electronic Arts Basel, Swiss graphic design studio Hauser, Schwarz designed a catalog titled Real Feelings. The catalog explores the rapidly changing relationship between technology and emotions by making use of  interesting materials, stark photography, and a typographic system designed with the Beatrice family.

On the cover, the title is set with Beatrice Displayand includes a stark portrait by Dutch artist Coralie Vogelaar of a person welled up in tears. The catalog comes with a translucent jacket that creates a diagrammatic overlay on the human’s face. “We came up with the idea to separate the face and the “action units” (arrows and numbers representing face muscles) in the artwork, for two reasons. First, to hide the person's emotion: you'll only see her tears when you take off the transparent film. Second, you can apply the transparent film in front of your own face and therefore, be part of the art,” wrote studio partner David Schwarz.

“The typeface, Beatrice Display, has a unique character that perfectly fit the topic of A.I., robotics and emotions. Its contemporary design was also mandatory for a publication covering such a trending subject,” Schwarz said. “Instead of going for a classic 2-column layout, we decided to set the text in a fairly large font size, as it felt warmer and more unique. To accentuate this design approach, we set the captions, pagination, and even the images displayed in the text in small size.”

Designer: Hauser, Schwarz
Typeface: Beatrice Display & Beatrice
Client: House of Electronic Arts Basel


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