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The Great Dionysia & Ogg

Ryo Sekino 関野亮 and Yuko Sekino 関野ゆうこ are handmade glass artists based in Tamba-Sasayama, Japan who apply classical glass-making techniques in modern vessel designs. Mazzybox of Studio NA,EO in Beijing designed posters for an exhibition, The Great Dionysia, featuring their work that uses Ogg as a primary typeface alongside Adobe Song for Hanzi and Kana scripts.

In an interview with Mazzybox, she said she sought a typeface that reflected the same harmony between the classical and modern in Sekino’s works:  

“I chose Ogg as the main font in the poster because it keeps the classical aesthetics of serifs while retaining the modernity of visual representations. I appreciate Ogg’s delicate serifs and handling of thin lines — it is no doubt a distinguishing typeface and it fits perfectly for the theme of this exhibition.”

Client: Ryo Sekino 関野亮 and Yuko Sekino 関野ゆうこ
Typeface: Ogg
Designer: Mazzybox / Studio NA.EO


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