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Neo Magazine & Ogg

Neo 2 Magazine is a "100% Spanish" publication founded in 94' focusing on creative and urban culture spanning across topics of fashion, art, architecture, design, technology, and beauty. This year Madrid-born, London-based studio, Yarza Twins redesigned the magazine using our typeface Ogg prominently throughout the issue. The new look was revealed in Neo 2's 160th issue launched in September 2018.

Client: Neo2 Magazine
Designer: Yarza Twins
Typeface: Ogg

ST-NEO 2_Front 2.jpg
ST-NEO 2_pages 19.jpg
ST-NEO 2_pages 14.jpg
ST-NEO 2_pages 12.jpg
ST-NEO 2_pages 8.jpg
ST-NEO 2_pages 6.jpg
ST-NEO 2_side pair 1.jpg

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