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Dropbox Sundance & Sharp Grotesk

Sundance is one of the world's most important institutions in film today, supporting independent film & up and coming talent in the industry. Any way that we could be associated with this Robert Redford establishment is a high note for us, so needless to say, we were very pleased when we learned that Sundance officially transitioned its operations to Dropbox and that Dropbox would be hosting a press event with a very prominent step & repeat using Sharp Grotesk! Not every day you get celebrities interacting and getting up close and personal with your work. A small handful of the sightings are below and include Gabourey Sidibe, Gloria Allred, Tim Robbins, Alia Shawkat, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Priyanka Chopra, and Rodrigo Santoro.

Brand: Dropbox Sundance
Typeface: Sharp Grotesk
Celeb Sightings: 

ST-DB-Sundance-Gabourey Sidibe.jpg

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