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Anthony Lent custom typeface and brand identity

In the Winter of 2015, we began working with the renowned jewelry designer Anthony Lent, who’s work is more surrealist sculpture than traditional jewelry. Originally a simple project to design a new logotype, our collaboration quickly grew to encompass an entire suite of custom typefaces and a whole new branding system.

Anthony Lent Logotype


The typefaces and logo are an early iteration an type family we are still developing inspired by the calligraphy of Father Edward Catich. As a Catholic Priest, Catich studied in Rome where he fell in love with the Column of Trajan. His seminal work, the “Origin of the Serif”, is the first and still best developed thesis on the calligraphic origins of the inscribed Imperial Roman capitals of the Augustan age and afterward. Catich, a historian with an almost unrivaled mastery of calligraphy himself, was the first to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that the letterforms were originally created wholly with the use of a flat brush, rather than the chisel or other stone cutting tools as previously thought.

Anthony Lent Display Alphabet 1
Even though this monumental treatise was published in 1968, many popular digital typefaces released decades later based on capitalis monumentalis or the Roman square capitals, tended to reflect more the aesthetics of the previous geometry based hypothesis of the lettering styles origins than Catich’s. Inspired by the scholar and master calligraphers work, we wanted to design a typeface that brought the luster and performative vitality of the brush back into the Trajan style.

We started with the the Display version, for which we drew a traditional book weight in Roman and Italic. Of course, Anthony Lent’s identity was going to require the setting of body copy, so we designed a text style of the font as well.
Anthony Lent Proof No Title

Lent Display Book & Book Italic

Anthony Lent Text Alphabet

Lent Text Alphabet

Anthony Lent Text Paragraph No Title

Lent Text


Over the next six months after completing the identity, with the added motivation of some gorgeous Anthony Lent pieces of our own, we designed Lent print and digital materials including a promotional brochure, a look book and a website.

To show off Anthony's most iconic pieces in their newest catalog, we presented the pieces adjacent to corresponding sections of the famed surrealist painting: 'The Garden of Earthly Delights' by Hieronymus Bosch. Just like Tony’s work, the closer you look, the more you discover the densely vibrant beauty of his intricate detailing.

Anthony Lent Stamp
Anthony Lent Stationery Business Card

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