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Cards Against Humanity & Sharp Grotesk

Since Trump's arrival as president, the popular house-party game Cards Against Humanity has proudly advertised their political leanings – starting with a parody series titled "Humanity Hates Trump". Now, as we are nearing 2018's Mid-Term Elections in November they have released a new parody series called "Cards Against Humanity Hacks the Election". Their aim – to inform us of and call attention to the most important and polarized elections in six key swing districts across the USA, encouraging people to go vote on November 6th.

We've donated the complete usage of Sharp Grotesk for their mini-campaign. They use multi-widths and weights of Sharp Grotesk throughout their website, promo video, and campaign assets. Vote on November 6th!

Client: Cards Against Humanity Hacks the Election
Typeface: Sharp Grotesk


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